AFTER ADDICTION is a photography and video series about people who are in recovery from either alcohol or drug addiction. They speak about how they stay clean and give advice to people who are still struggling.

AFTER ADDICTION showcases people who have someone close to them who is still struggling

with an addiction, or has had someone close to them pass away from an addiction.

After Addiction also showcases people who work in the field to provide more insight, statistics,
and preventative measure about addiction.

"I should've really been dead, but you know because of this program- AA- and the work I've put into it and continued to, I'm here today."

-Jessica, Five Years In Recovery

Melissa, Director Of Clinic Operations- Family Service League

"I know back in 2012 there were about 300-something reported and in 2017 it was almost 750 for the year, [of people who were saved from Narcan.] So, it really shows the prevalence of the problem on Long Island."

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